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It has been such a long time since I last wrote a blog post (1 year in fact) and I thought I would revive and refresh with a few teaser close ups of my newest collection that I’ve been working so hard on. But first allow me to explain my absence from writing (one of my favourite forms of expression alongside painting) and what I have coming up that warrants a blog post or two!

The last blog post I wrote, I typed with a sleeping baby strapped to me in a baby sling, who had been walked around the kitchen table over and over whilst I sang Bohemian Rhapsody (not sure why, but this method seemed to work occasionally) until he fell asleep and freed up my hands somewhat. I could have cooked, but this was too loud or messy. I could have painted but the arm movements seemed to disturb him. So typing it was!

Fast forward a year and the tiny sleeping baby is a walking, babbling, giggling, dancing and relentlessly curious and strong willed toddler! Slowly as he’s grown, I’ve been able to take on more work again, and this led to quite a busy second half of 2018. A bit too busy to blog! Two projects I can’t mention yet, (but can very soon!) and its next to impossible to not share, actually I’m not sure how I’ve managed it this far! Some of my proudest work, and a dream come true all to be announced early 2019.

However something I have been working towards physically for a few months now, but mentally for much longer is my spring collection, to be released in March, and the opening exhibition will be with the completely brilliant Robertson’s Fine Art Gallery in Edinburgh.

This collection has been something different that has taken over. It has begun as more of a celebration for the pigments and colours that I use and the way that I use them. I changed my way of application, as well as my usual process in order to take an in depth look at my colours and how to really showcase them. In starting the collection it was hard to know if I could achieve the aesthetic I had fixated on in my mind. However part way through the paintings seemed to create themselves. I have let my more logical side take a back step initially, and let the foundations of the work be born from an instinctive and fun way of applying my materials. I have waited for the subjects to show up, and allowed them to immerse themselves into my abstractions. The collection is still a work in progress, but here are some close ups of sections of the many, many pieces of various subject matter that make up this body of work.

For any information on the exhibition held at Robertson’s please click here to head to their website!



  1. Just like your art, you write beautifully. I hope to see more of your words in the future. I’m so glad everything is going so well for you. You so deserve it. You have a rare talent and you are a wonderful ambassador for art and humanity itself. Stay amazing Katy!

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