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Some of what I have worked on in 2018

2018 has kicked off to quite an eventful start, as I work on a collection, I have meanwhile worked on some smaller pieces that has helped me correct some of my skills with intricate details. I love to work large scale, and often find it difficult to change technique to fit a smaller canvas.

Time for me has been particularly limited and there are certainly not enough hours in the day, but when I can I am painting, and trying to keep up the challenge of changing things up to better myself. This in part isn’t just trying new techniques, compositions and styles, but revising old ones and improving upon them!

Here are just a few of what I have worked on this year, as well as commissions, great (white shark) and small!

Each piece below is oil on wood panel, this is the way I mostly work!







For any further information on any of my works, contact to be directed to a gallery near you!

I also recently asked for what you would like to hear about in this blog, and I am working on some very thorough answers with blog posts dedicated to each! 


  1. I just love your colours Katy, so vibrant and beautiful, the way they merge and how they emphasise the detail of the character you’re working on! I love your new collection, just released, but of those above… I adore your sea turtles! 😍

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