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Lets stay connected

Lets stay connected.

You and I have been connected for a little while. You actually see into every corner of my soul, if you do in fact look at my artwork. Scary.

Sharing my sacred art space has been something I have felt more strongly towards for a long time now! From starting communities on FaceBook to trying to share more information on the how behind my artwork, for anyone interested in the creating side of my art. Whilst also adding additional information for the people who just enjoy the viewing or the more theoretical side. I know from my own experience that when I had made the decision to make my art more of a prominent feature in my life, the social media profiles of other artists were my biggest source of inspiration and drive. I waited for their next post, and I hoped for more information of the how. Be it how they created, how they marketed, anything!

Because of the ever changing social media landscape and the difficulty staying connected to the people I chose to follow, I have begun signing up to email subscriptions hoping to stay connect. And I have.


Here is my email subscription sign up. I certainly won’t be sending emails often, from my own experience I unsubscribe when I feel too hounded. But if for whatever reason, my social media posts don’t reach you, you can still get updates that may interest you.

My brief or crazily in depth emails will hopefully be informative, maybe if you’re a budding artist or curious about the way I create my work, I can share my own art tips, materials, processes. If you are a collector I can give you sneak peaks on my latest work and give you a heads up on my shows, and collections. Let me know what kind of information you might like. or what you might not like too! Anything that helps me shape the most practical, and informative means of connection with the most useful information for you.

Sign up here!



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