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New Release – Sea Life and Majestic Mammals

I am so excited to be donating a percentage of profits from my new sea life themed release to the Marine Conservation Society. They work hard to protect our living seas and the wildlife in them by keeping shores clean of litter, tackling overfishing of important species and offering marine life animal adoption schemes. Keeping our oceans clean and healthy for the environment and its inhabitants is invaluable work. I love what they do to proudly protect our sea life and I am thrilled to be working with them.

These 2 original paintings are particular favourites of mine, for reasons in that portraying sea life is a different challenge altogether. I had never painted turtles before working on these sea turtles which shows them swimming amongst a midst of intricate colours and textures. I had watched videos of these serene creatures on YouTube before deciding the way in which I wanted to depict them. When working on forming a mammal painting there is a logic to consider when building the subject. The light source will highlight features and muscle definition, which in turn will tell the onlooker how the animal is standing in accordance to its environment. The laws of physics can guide you into understanding the animal and how its body works and gently reminds you of an elephants sagging skin, or a deer’s slender and lithe legs. This adds the touches of likeness and care to the subject that I long to add to each painting. This shows the subject in all of its glory in what it can do in the wild and how its body works, while helping me to paint a picture (literally) of what this animal looks like in conjunction with all of this.

Sea life is weightless. Their movements are not aligned with the laws of gravity in order to get from place to place. Instead, the movements are adapted to move through the density of the ocean. Seeing how sea life have adapted over millions of years to their environment is mind blowing to consider. Sharks have their streamlined sleekness to help them glide with unobstructed speed and agility; Whereas jellyfish pulsate to continually launch themselves gently through the ocean. An octopus has the unimaginable capabilities of its tentacles and its powerfully fluid movements, which captivated me into painting my bright representation (shown above) for this collection. When researching these movements you cannot help but be in awe of nature and how perfectly adapted all wildlife and living things are, learning about these movements is one of the highlights of my job.

Another highlight is working with incredible charities who devote their time to the same loves as me. The Marine Conservation Society actively work to protect the future of these species, and at a larger scale the future of our seas which is home to such a huge proportion of important species and environmental necessities. For this reason they were a first choice in hopes of donating a percentage of profits from my new sea life release to this charity and their amazing work. In reality, such ecosystems that hold priceless importance should be respected and looked after to keep them abundant and safe for us and all the life that inhabits these oceans. However according to the MCS there are nearly 2500 items of rubbish for every kilometre on a beach. Which as a result not only looks appalling, but is also ingested by or entangles marine wildlife. Humans using these beaches are also not exempt from the effects of the pollution that makes these seas risky to enjoy, swimming in such heavily polluted seas can put you at risk of illness from the raw, untreated sewage.

It is the MCS’s work in this field that is a great inspiration to me and make them a valuable asset to the cause of wildlife and sea life protection. It makes me incredibly proud that I can work with them on this to hopefully help raise funds for their admirable work.

These Limited Edition Prints in editions of 75 are available from affiliated galleries as of Monday 19th September. To find your nearest gallery head to my website (linked here) or for assistance send an email to

Also, alongside this release are 3 other new paintings, recently shown at the wonderful Artisan Gallery in Epping.




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