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‘Jaws’ – Shark Painting

I am very excited that my original painting ‘Jaws’ is being made into a limited edition print, with editions of 75. It is a privilege that this piece is endorsed by The Shark Trust, a wonderful charity. The misunderstood nature of sharks means that their demise as a species is hugely overlooked. Their importance within the marine ecosystem is of such huge importance to the health of our oceans. There are many threats to sharks that can have adverse knock on affects. The global decline of sharks can create a cascading effect. As one of the ocean’s top predators, sharks have potential to structure ecosystems in crucial ways. Decline can mean rearrangement of marine communities. One of the biggest threats to sharks globally is overfishing.  This is fuelled by a large demand for shark products such as meat and fins, cartilage, leather, teeth and jaws. Other threats include finning (the cruel practice of cutting off a shark’s fins whilst alive. Also, pollution and habitat destruction contribute to the hugely declining numbers. Climate change and pollution …


On Friday I will be spending the night sleeping rough for the Sleep Easy event 2017 to raise money for Lincoln’s YMCA, helping homeless and vulnerable people.  Last year, on a very bitterly cold and rainy night, an unnamed homeless man died behind a church close to where I live. When I heard this I was stricken with the thought that if anyone had known he was there or knew his situation, they may have helped him and he could have survived the night. This played on my mind as I took a bunch of flowers to lay next to the church, I didn’t know where exactly he had died, but I was expecting to find other flowers laid by other people (ex family members, friends, anyone who cared…) only to find that no flowers had been left. As far as reports claimed he was an ‘unnamed homeless man.’ Although before his situation declined he was a son. He may have been a father, or at once a husband, brother, friend etc. This haunted me throughout the …

New Release – Sea Life and Majestic Mammals

I am so excited to be donating a percentage of profits from my new sea life themed release to the Marine Conservation Society. They work hard to protect our living seas and the wildlife in them by keeping shores clean of litter, tackling overfishing of important species and offering marine life animal adoption schemes. Keeping our oceans clean and healthy for the environment and its inhabitants is invaluable work. I love what they do to proudly protect our sea life and I am thrilled to be working with them. These 2 original paintings are particular favourites of mine, for reasons in that portraying sea life is a different challenge altogether. I had never painted turtles before working on these sea turtles which shows them swimming amongst a midst of intricate colours and textures. I had watched videos of these serene creatures on YouTube before deciding the way in which I wanted to depict them. When working on forming a mammal painting there is a logic to consider when building the subject. The light source will highlight features and …

New Limited Editons / Born Free Foundation

Introducing two new Limited Edition Prints ‘Felid I & II’  These two colourful feline pieces, originally are oil on wood panel, but have been released as editions of 75, with 10 Artist Proof copies and are fully endorsed by the Born Free Foundation. I worked with the Born Free Foundation for The Spectrum Collection with a percentage of proceeds donated to the charity, proudly raising over £4000 The Born Free Foundation work to end suffering and protect species in the wild by providing rescue and care, freeing animals from appalling conditions and misery as well as conservation efforts. They are a wonderful and dedicated charity and I am hugely proud  to have my work endorsed by them, and hopefully raise money for a great cause, as yet again a percentage of proceeds will be donated straight to their efforts. These Limited Edition prints are now available from affiliate galleries mentioned on my website, look for your local stockist, or contact Wishbone Publishing at where they will locate your nearest available gallery and prints.  

Artist’s Palette / CRY Auction

My palette was auctioned last week for the amazing charity CRY and sold for £1025! I am so happy and incredibly proud that it will contribute to such a great cause! A link is HERE for my last post where I go into more detail about this charity and about the palette donated. For more information on CRY and what they do follow the link HERE to their website, or to donate towards their cause click HERE. Thank you so much to anyone who bid!!

Artist’s Palette up for Auction for charity CRY / Katy Jade Dobson

I am incredibly proud that the palette I used while creating my Phospenes Collection is now available to bid on to raise money for the wonderful charity CRY. CRY is a charity based around Cardiac Risk in the Young and supports those affected by sudden cardiac death. Undiagnosed heart conditions take the lives of at least 12 young people every week, a number in which this charity is aiming to lower through their fantastic research and prevention efforts.  I was made aware of the work of CRY through a private commission requested by a family who had lost their child to a cardiac condition. It should never be the case that a child or anyone should lose their life so suddenly over something that could potentially be diagnosed earlier on, CRY’s incredible efforts towards Young Sudden Cardiac Deaths with their research, raising awareness and prevention efforts in this field are life saving. The care and facilities to aid families affected by YSCD will continue to help so many people who desperately need it. To hopefully contribute …

My Collection Endorsed by the Born Free Foundation

My first collection released with Wishbone Publishing featured expressive wildlife oil paintings ranging from elephants to doves and many species in-between. It was a privilege for me to have The Spectrum Collection endorsed by the Born Free Foundation, meaning that 10% of proceeds went directly to this incredible cause that takes action to stop suffering and protect species in the wild. Over £4000 was raised for Born Free, the response was fantastic and to know that my paintings will have contributed to this cause is amazing. A Limited Edition print of ‘Chimaruka’ (the original painting of a gorilla named after one of the gorillas that can be adopted through the Born Free Foundation) was sent to the Born Free offices and I kindly received an image of Virginia McKenna with their artwork.

My first collection of published paintings with Wishbone Publishing

It has been a while since I last posted about any of my work, for the last year I have been a rather punctual writer and always keen to share my paintings, my progress and chat about art, business, techniques and more. My previous post however… was a bit of a thank you for supporting my artwork for the past year and to let you know how contributing to my posts, commenting, liking, sharing on social media etc has made me incredibly successful in marketing and selling my artwork, and more importantly, able to produce more and more. (Thank you again!!) I also mentioned that a fantastic opportunity had arisen that I had been holding out for and waiting for the right time and offer that felt right for me and my work. I am very excited to be working on my first collection of published work for Wishbone Publishing. I am incredibly proud to have my work alongside fantastic artists represented by Wishbone such as JJ Adams, Dean Fox and Joe Murtagh, and to be in the middle of …