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Courty – The Godfather of Neon

‘There’s red neon gas running through my veins.’

Much like the bold and commanding nature of neon art, Courty himself radiates a parallel presence that you simply couldn’t ignore if you tried. As an artist who has immersed himself into almost 3 decades of fine tuning his skill in the art of neon, Robert Court respectfully demands your attention through his use of light, colour and the written word.

Robert Court began his career in 1987. His rich portfolio of work and achievements have illuminated a pathway towards being one of the most prominant neon artists of proud London origin. His bold work has featured in film and tv sets, theatre, books, and businesses, as well as prestigious galleries and events. Courty is signed by Wishbone Publishing (the wonderful team who also represent my work) this has awarded me the privilege of seeing Courty’s work emblazoning gallery walls in all their brilliant glory. His work is hand made with pure passion and enthusiasm, distincly obvious from the emanating love shown in his fantastic artist interview, put together by Joshua Adams.

The pride in his craft is palpable.

Neon art is a classic genre of the modern age. A traditional and respected practice of the technologically advanced era. A contemporary art form which simultaneously parades a time-honoured essence through from the classic seedy strip club signs to the witty humour or hard hitting messages encrypted within the written neon word. There always seems to be an audacious overtone to neon. It has something to say and wants to be seen. It is created to grab you, it screams and shouts for your attention. It flaunts its colours with attitude as bright as the colliding atoms, ions and electrons that run through it.


However some messages are incredibly gentle and moving, no matter how bold the process. Pieces such as this ‘I will always love you my friend.’ which has had immeasurable hits online for its poignant words and simply beautiful delivery.


When such a technical process combines with an artisan attitude the result could never be anything short of magical. Glass blowing has been a long time tradition, however throwing electricity through the pipes fires up a whole other level of art. The words are no longer just made, but instead they’re spoken and more tangible than ever. The nature of this craft is not vague, it does not hide behind subtleties, nor does it aim to be elusive.

Neon is made to be seen.

Courty’s work is warm. It is witty, cutting, and as bold as the nature of neon itself.

Find the work of Robert Court HERE! Also on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Contact Wishbone Publishing for enquiries –


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