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Very Short YouTube video – Oil Painting of starlings in flight

I am always looking at new ways to document the process of my work, I have done this in many ways already through creating time lapsed YouTube videos, to writing about it, to showing progress photos of close ups, sets ups and various stages of painting.

One of the most asked questions about my YouTube videos was if I could use a higher quality devise to record from because the videos were not clear enough. For me, with painting it is all about the visual and if the smallest of brush strokes cannot be seen then there is no point, these are the marks that make up the painting as a whole.

Ask and you shall receive! I am now working on getting to grips with better filming equipment to show more accurately what I am working on, and here is a very small taster of ‘Arcus Flight’ with a shot of John Frusciante. (Original painting sold, but soon available as a Limited Edition print)

Make sure you subscribe to my channel here ready for more videos very soon!

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