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Artist’s Palette up for Auction for charity CRY / Katy Jade Dobson

I am incredibly proud that the palette I used while creating my Phospenes Collection is now available to bid on to raise money for the wonderful charity CRY.


CRY is a charity based around Cardiac Risk in the Young and supports those affected by sudden cardiac death. Undiagnosed heart conditions take the lives of at least 12 young people every week, a number in which this charity is aiming to lower through their fantastic research and prevention efforts. 

I was made aware of the work of CRY through a private commission requested by a family who had lost their child to a cardiac condition.

It should never be the case that a child or anyone should lose their life so suddenly over something that could potentially be diagnosed earlier on, CRY’s incredible efforts towards Young Sudden Cardiac Deaths with their research, raising awareness and prevention efforts in this field are life saving. The care and facilities to aid families affected by YSCD will continue to help so many people who desperately need it. To hopefully contribute towards CRY’s wonderful work means a great deal to me, I have so much admiration for their relentless efforts from making screening accessible to organising Bereavement Support Days. I am incredibly proud to be working with CRY towards this cause. (Read more about CRY here)

The palette and signed brush have contributed to a number of huge paintings, and have been the tools of creation for my latest body of work The Phospenes Collection, which housed sell out limited edition prints, many sought after originals, and some of my favourite pieces I have ever worked on. (‘Nectar of the Gods’ and ‘Wingspan’ to name just a few)



I have written at length about palettes and the way they can be almost telling or reflective of an artists style or vision. I format my palette as a colour wheel, something I know isn’t always the way artists go about it. However with my pure greed for colour, setting up a palette is not a game of tact but instead an opportunity to have every single colour, shade and tone at my disposal in one place. My palettes as I use them over time become heavy from build up, messy from overuse, but drenched in depth and character. I become almost as attached to my palettes as I do my paintings. The accidental shades mixed together can inspire a whole section of a painting. The colours can encroach on another shade’s territory and create colour matches of their own. The palette is truly the heart of my work space.

The palette is where it all begins for me and to close off a collection with signing off the palette is always a very profound moment, and it is incredible to share that and also hopefully raise some money for an amazing charity that make such a huge difference to many people.

If you have any interest in bidding for this palette and signed paintbrush and contribute to a wonderful charity then click HERE – Or to donate directly to CRY click HERE


Thank you for your continued support, it is always overwhelming and so appreciated!


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