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Wildlife Art – Recent Oil Paintings – Birds

I have been focusing a lot more on my wildlife work lately! Trying out a few new subjects and styles whilst undertaking a huge commission of a painting that is 2 meters by 2 meters…

My first ever original painting was of two birds in flight, one of my main and most popular subjects to date. (The second was a stag which has also been one of my most popular..) Therefore painting birds is something I have continued to do, only taking on new breeds and styles and ways of representing them. This, or finding new ways to represent my favourite breeds. As my work has progressed throughout the year I can see by looking along my own timeline of birds in particular and the way I have worked with them, just how much my painting technique has changed.

I decided to do a new take on an old classic of mine. My first ever OIL painting was of an owl. This was such an incredibly popular piece, one of the most mentioned at my first ever solo exhibition, and I still receive emails about it to this day. This is why I took everything I had taught myself this past year and put it into a new representation of an owl. This piece has a lot of depth and detail in the wingspan. A very popular piece which sold before it was even fully finished.




King Fishers were then my second OIL painting that I created last year, also an incredibly popular piece!  Displayed next to my recent ‘Eye of the Tiger’ piece (available to buy framed – contact me at for details) Soon to be displayed at The Little Red Gallery in Lincoln. This is not the clearest image of the King Fishers which close up boasts minute detailing in the feathers and colours of the birds.



A snipped of this large flamingo piece shows a section of the half finished work, something I am excited to finish and will look fantastic framed. My flamingo pieces have been very popular over seas, I have shipped around 3 flamingo pieces internationally now.  This piece is rather large and quite a bold and minimalistic take on a flock of such colourful and exotic a breed. (Details on request at




However…. Most excitingly….

Is a commission I have finally started working on. A HUGE 2 meter squared canvas, the subject being a peacock, a subject that I couldn’t wait to start! Especially at this scale. The piece has been commissioned to decorate an office space, the detail will be bold and strong to match the richness of the colours. The symbolism of the peacock and their natural opulence and representation of divine rebirth is a beautiful foundation to work from in itself. To be working at such a large scale is definitely a pinnacle in my career so far.

The progress of this piece is being filmed and recorded all the way through to hopefully create great video and documentation of working on such a large piece.




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  1. petercarrell says

    Those kingfishers look really, really great. Loved the blues you used.

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