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‘Action Expresses Priorities’

    ‘Action expresses priorities.’ -Gandhi   On a busy week, I can clock up around 70 hours painting. Especially recently, with so many commissions as well as ideas I just can’t for the life of me hold off, I have to timetable my work and stick to it, and it pays off every time. I do this because I love painting, I am passionate about making good quality work. I am also business savvy and love organisation, lists and generally being busy. Proudly, one thing I never, ever am is bored. A friend of mine sent me an article, there was a long passage written by Richard Dawkins called, ‘To live at all is miracle enough’ (which I urge you to google) which puts into perspective greatly just how miraculous the universe is, how even just existing right now through such slim circumstance is such an underrated and unappreciated idea in itself. A bit of perspective never hurt anyone, those chats where you get lost in conversations of space going back too far beyond measure and …

Wildlife Art – Recent Oil Paintings – Birds

I have been focusing a lot more on my wildlife work lately! Trying out a few new subjects and styles whilst undertaking a huge commission of a painting that is 2 meters by 2 meters… My first ever original painting was of two birds in flight, one of my main and most popular subjects to date. (The second was a stag which has also been one of my most popular..) Therefore painting birds is something I have continued to do, only taking on new breeds and styles and ways of representing them. This, or finding new ways to represent my favourite breeds. As my work has progressed throughout the year I can see by looking along my own timeline of birds in particular and the way I have worked with them, just how much my painting technique has changed. I decided to do a new take on an old classic of mine. My first ever OIL painting was of an owl. This was such an incredibly popular piece, one of the most mentioned at my …

Solo Exhibition Set Up.

Today was day one of my first solo exhibition. It’s been a lot if preparation and hard work but it was great to finally see my work installed in a fantastic gallery space like the Sam Scorer in Lincoln. The room size was daunting when I brought my work in, but it has proved to fit incredibly well and each painting complimented the next with very precise and thought out juxtaposition and curating. It was a long night and an early start today but day one was a success. It was amazing to speak to people interested in my work and there was a lot of chit chat with some very fascinating people. Excited for the next 2 week and if you find yourself in the Lincoln area please pop by, It’s been a pleasure already and I’m only one day in. Here are a few snippets of the day… Katy x

Happy New Year!

Apologies for my silence, things were dormant as I dusted off my official website in prep for 2013 🙂 take a look at my simplified and improved website to see my first blog post, new sections, and info on up and coming projects. A few new oil paintings have gone down incredibly well so head over to my facebook page ( to see my newsest creations 🙂 This is me beavering away at some of my British Wildlife Collection paintings. Enjoy, Katy x