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‘Action Expresses Priorities’



‘Action expresses priorities.’



On a busy week, I can clock up around 70 hours painting. Especially recently, with so many commissions as well as ideas I just can’t for the life of me hold off, I have to timetable my work and stick to it, and it pays off every time.

I do this because I love painting, I am passionate about making good quality work. I am also business savvy and love organisation, lists and generally being busy. Proudly, one thing I never, ever am is bored.

A friend of mine sent me an article, there was a long passage written by Richard Dawkins called, ‘To live at all is miracle enough’ (which I urge you to google) which puts into perspective greatly just how miraculous the universe is, how even just existing right now through such slim circumstance is such an underrated and unappreciated idea in itself.

A bit of perspective never hurt anyone, those chats where you get lost in conversations of space going back too far beyond measure and anything we can know about are the best ones (usually after some wine…) so in order to gain that awe inspired feeling, head over to the National Geographic website and look at the daily discoveries and anything and everything about the planet.

After all this, its so sad to think that a human that has evolved so far from beginning as a tiny cell billions of years ago, to adapting and perfecting to the point of having an body of absolute perfection where you are capable of doing anything a human might need to and more… can then find themselves bored!? What people choose to act on is what they are, what people talk about is what they want you to think they are. If you are reading this you are lucky enough to have a laptop or smart phone with internet access. You are holding something of unmeasurable potential. You can learn anything you want to learn (My mum printed off instructions on how to moonwalk… I can now moonwalk!) and not only can you learn anything in the whole world, but you probably also have the health, strength and capability to get up and act on these things.

I could go further, I could go on for hours talking your ear off about this subject. I could lecture/rant/muse/research it beyond annoyance. But the short version would be… GO DO SOMETHING GOOD.




Id best go do something good then..

Katy x


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    I think we all have points in our lives where we feel deflated, we can’t seem to find to motivation to do anything as nothing good will come of it. If you’re currently going through one of these phases then you should read this blog post by a very talented artist. Get yourself out there. See the world and all it has to offer. Life is just too short to let it, and the things you want to achieve, go to waste.

    ACT on your priorities.

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