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Progress Pictures – Stag Oil Painting

Recently I have been working further on my wildlife pieces. After the great reaction to my ‘Galloping Horses’ piece I wanted to work more on an atmospheric element whilst integrating factors of the idea of ‘The Golden Ratio’ and detail and space in close proximity.

I recorded my progress, as usual, with this particular stag piece of the 3 sessions I have done so far.

This piece has taken into consideration my recently learned word ‘phosphenes’ (the sensation of a ring of light and colour as a result of pressure on the eyeball) to bring about an abstract colour palette with glints of light as embellished detailing, also depicting beams of light on a forest floor.




It is always useful to look back over the progression process of a piece, it shows how far it has come along, as well as what has been added in terms of atmosphere and general aura, over just likeness and realistic correctness.

As for the subject, stags have been close to my heart since finding my footing as an artist. Stags have such a regal and proud quality, as well as pure elegance. They will always be a subject that will surface throughout my artistic career.


Katy x

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