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‘Talent is a pursued interest’ / My Personal Artistic Evolution

A few years ago I had never painted with oil paints. I used paints (watercolour or acrylics) to splash some colour onto my mainly charcoal sketched pieces. The image below shows the work I had for sale at a stall in an art fair in 2012. After a closer look I saw so many familiarities with the work I used to create and what I paint now. There are abstract birds in flight, loose portraits, proud stags, elephants and dripping florals. I realised that your work doesn’t change over time, it only evolves as you progress. My decision to move to oil paints was based largely on the opportunities that they hold with colour. Being such a malleable material with so much depth to play around with, you can create any style or look that you want to achieve with the right techniques. Back before I taught myself to use oil paints I loved incredibly loose work that oozed energy and movement above all else. I wanted to show the construction marks and leave them raw and …

Progress Pictures – Stag Oil Painting

Recently I have been working further on my wildlife pieces. After the great reaction to my ‘Galloping Horses’ piece I wanted to work more on an atmospheric element whilst integrating factors of the idea of ‘The Golden Ratio’ and detail and space in close proximity. I recorded my progress, as usual, with this particular stag piece of the 3 sessions I have done so far. This piece has taken into consideration my recently learned word ‘phosphenes’ (the sensation of a ring of light and colour as a result of pressure on the eyeball) to bring about an abstract colour palette with glints of light as embellished detailing, also depicting beams of light on a forest floor. It is always useful to look back over the progression process of a piece, it shows how far it has come along, as well as what has been added in terms of atmosphere and general aura, over just likeness and realistic correctness. As for the subject, stags have been close to my heart since finding my footing as an artist. Stags have …

My feature in Cliche Magazine

I have been working really hard lately on my collection of Iconic Women oil paintings for my series in support of Women’s Aid charity. Meaning while being featured in American magazine Cliche. Here are some screen shots of the feature, and a link to the magazine website to take a read! You can read the article online here! Or to buy a copy.

BOKO Art X Music – Exhibition – London

BOKO was a great night of music and art in a bustling area of East London. Well ran, the night was punctuated with live events throughout with artwork up by myself, The talented Jack Shaw (hard working musician and great abstract artist) and Helen Simmons, animated artist who had a great piece running throughout the night (video to be uploaded) Starting with Tom Bright playing acoustic guitar, he welcomed people with some beautiful music at the entrance, great fun to watch and listen! I then painted for an hour, then followed by BASSn8s who despite the heat put on a mesmerising performance in a small space. Great night!

Stag Oil Painting in Royal Blue Hues

  Parallel to overseeing my exhibition (still running for one more week) I have been working on commissioned projects including this royal blue stag painting. When being asked specifically to work in one colour I automatically thought this was a slight restriction that could potentially suppress a lot of the natural character that could be captured in a wildlife painting. However I decided to take it on without reservations and find other ways to inject character. The palette I was asked to used was ‘royal blue’ which in itself could well portray the pride of a stag. I decided however to minimise the use of royal blue and begin by building darker and lighter tones of this blue until I had the basic stag. The royal blue I then added as a highlight. minimal with the idea of brightening, suggesting and ultimately setting the tone of the piece itself. I am still working on this piece and I cannot wait to see it finished, it is a personal favorite of mine and a challenge in following the guidelines.  

Solo Exhibition Set Up.

Today was day one of my first solo exhibition. It’s been a lot if preparation and hard work but it was great to finally see my work installed in a fantastic gallery space like the Sam Scorer in Lincoln. The room size was daunting when I brought my work in, but it has proved to fit incredibly well and each painting complimented the next with very precise and thought out juxtaposition and curating. It was a long night and an early start today but day one was a success. It was amazing to speak to people interested in my work and there was a lot of chit chat with some very fascinating people. Excited for the next 2 week and if you find yourself in the Lincoln area please pop by, It’s been a pleasure already and I’m only one day in. Here are a few snippets of the day… Katy x

Newspaper article about my exhibition :)

Today a feature was run in my local newspaper The Lincolnshire Echo about my upcoming exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln (April 2nd-14th). I was very pleased to see my work there and suggested as a great visiting point over the two weeks it will be running. My work is a sophisticated blend of purposeful elegance with chaotic overtones, depicting wildlife art and varying subjects. I’m so excited for my work to be up for my first ever solo exhibition and I welcome you all to come see it for yourself 🙂 Pieces will be for sale, and I am hoping to have prints and postcards and other commemorative merchandise for my beloved paintings. Hope to see you there! Katy x