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Here are a few images of whats been going on lately! In between setting up my new place, working on commissioned work, original work, and as much wildlife work as possible for a new gallery taking on my work; I have had to fit in meetings and general life. Its been hectic.

The Eden pieces are starting to come along well, the detailing has been building and starting to take form with intricate marks thrown in. I have been working just on the Eve piece mainly, establishing the embellishments and look of the pieces, and will start to add detail to the Adam piece to bring them both together. Eden started off blonde, then went brunette, then turned vibrant red. It seemed to suit her so much more!





This hummingbird piece will be available in The Little Red Gallery in the Bailgate in Lincoln very soon! It is currently being framed and I am very excited to see it complete and on the walls.

For commission enquiries you are welcome to contact me at or for painting sales.

Katy x

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  1. I love how the backdrop for the eden piece looks almost like a galaxy. I know it might not be staying like that but it’s quite a cool contrast between the creationist theory of adam and eve and then the big bang theory. šŸ™‚

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