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Iconic Women Oil Painting Collection – Getting there!

The collection of oil paintings I have been working on showing ten iconic women in colour and opulence, have lately been stepping into the light and starting to take form.

It has taken a few months to make a good foundation on my collection, I have created the basic layers for each portrait, however whilst some are almost finished, others are still in their earliest stages.

A few things I never knew to consider whilst creating a body of work that all related in style and form, is how much your work can improve/change within this time. This means that as I move onto the further pieces, I then find myself going back to the first few and making the edits to lace them all together. It hasnt been easy, however i have the first five close to finished (and now in storage so i can finish up the last five without being tempted with too many edits!) and seeing them together makes it worthwhile. Now I am more determined than ever to get the collection finished so that I can see them all together!

Here are a few images of the progress, some are close to finished, some I havnt yet photographed!



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Katy x

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