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Two editorials to end the year with and a BIG thank you!

Having work published in a magazine or editorial is such a huge achievement for me!

I am so excited that as my first year as a professional artist, I managed to end it on a high of featuring in two magazines, one being overseas in America and the other a cover feature. Last October with my life at somewhat of a fork in the road I had got away from a situation and sat in a cafe with a pot of tea and a magazine. I saw women being celebrated for their fantastic work in so many different genres of art, fashion, politics, and business. What I noticed about these articles were that each of these women had faced a fork in the road, hit rock bottom or had been forced to consider a huge change in their life before they decided to make the change themselves. Although I was dead centre of a difficult situation, I felt so far away from it with the realisation that I was free to do what I enjoyed more than anything and this is what I did from the back of the inspiration I found that day in a magazine.

Therefore it came as no shock to me when I felt overwhelmed with pride when a year later I see myself not only featured in magazines but on the cover. So this is another huge thank you to everyone following my wordpress blog, my facebook updates, instagram and twitter. All of the people who have bought prints, sketches, originals and commissioned pieces. HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU! You have made my year the best ever and pulled me back onto my feet with your support and great responses to my work, and encouraged me by introducing me to your own work and insights on art and painting.

On a side note.. I also got a retweet for my Rosa Parks painting for my Iconic Women Collection (still under construction) by the real MC Hammer! Possibly the strangest but best way to start a dull Monday morning!






Article in The Journal about my Iconic Women Collection.




Article in American Cliche magazine, questions about my work and style.




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