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‘Talent is a pursued interest’ / My Personal Artistic Evolution

A few years ago I had never painted with oil paints. I used paints (watercolour or acrylics) to splash some colour onto my mainly charcoal sketched pieces. The image below shows the work I had for sale at a stall in an art fair in 2012. After a closer look I saw so many familiarities with the work I used to create and what I paint now. There are abstract birds in flight, loose portraits, proud stags, elephants and dripping florals. I realised that your work doesn’t change over time, it only evolves as you progress. My decision to move to oil paints was based largely on the opportunities that they hold with colour. Being such a malleable material with so much depth to play around with, you can create any style or look that you want to achieve with the right techniques. Back before I taught myself to use oil paints I loved incredibly loose work that oozed energy and movement above all else. I wanted to show the construction marks and leave them raw and …

Inspirations and Influences for Paintings – Working on my new collection.

I have been working on a new collection lately,  with an idea in mind that I wanted to be incredibly specific with… Without giving too much away,  I wanted to write about some of my influences in terms of colour and composition for my latest collection that I am currently working on with an insight into my favourite artists and images that have always inspired me. (Almost like a mood board of certain traits and aspects for this upcoming series of oil paintings.) Starting with colour and my favourite artist Odilon Redon – I learnt of Redon whilst working on a project at college where I imitated some of his works in oil pastels, his abstract tendencies and backgrounds specifically have been one of the most consistant inspirations for my work and hugely in mind when painting recently. I studied his cleverly positioned colour and admired how they looked so spontaneous. It wasn’t until learning this practice in oil paints and in my own style that I found that using a lot of colour all at once in …

Using watercolours (From an oil painter’s perspective)

I didn’t realise how lucky I had it, to have thrown myself in at the deep end and learn to paint with oils as quickly as I did. It was a medium I wanted as my friend and I threw it around until I made it work. I was going to shoehorn my work to intertwine with oils and do whatever it took. Luckily the shoe fit. It wasn’t until I went back to materials I had previously used before I taught myself how to paint properly, that I realised it is not how the material works for you but how you work the material. Watercolour painting is oil painting flipped on its head. This is my own interpretation. Where oils are malleable, subject to complete change in consistency and shape of the mark you just made, watercolours are not. With oils you could alter that one mark up to 3 or 4 days later. With watercolours you cannot. You have a matter of seconds to decide if the mark you just made was ‘correct’ …

Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting – Iconic Women Collection

Marilyn Monroe was the first piece I started towards my Iconic Women Collection back in 2013 and has now been finished and signed, as the first of the collection to be completed. She has had her face tweaked constantly, and the natural progression of the piece has led to a movement of convecion with colour and texture resurfacing and changing dynamically until I found a balance that I loved. I am working on a certificate for this piece to explain why Marilyn Monroe is iconic, for what reason she was the starting point for my collection and why I felt the colours and composition was fitting to portray what I feel it does. These certificates will be available with each piece, where an in depth description features the progressional process of the piece and my own take on the meaning of her iconic status. Marilyn Monroe Oil on wood panel 24″x35.5″ inches Part of my Iconic Women Collection (£100 of the sale of each piece goes to Women’s Aid charity in support of Women’s Aid. …

Iconic Women Oil Painting Collection – Getting there!

The collection of oil paintings I have been working on showing ten iconic women in colour and opulence, have lately been stepping into the light and starting to take form. It has taken a few months to make a good foundation on my collection, I have created the basic layers for each portrait, however whilst some are almost finished, others are still in their earliest stages. A few things I never knew to consider whilst creating a body of work that all related in style and form, is how much your work can improve/change within this time. This means that as I move onto the further pieces, I then find myself going back to the first few and making the edits to lace them all together. It hasnt been easy, however i have the first five close to finished (and now in storage so i can finish up the last five without being tempted with too many edits!) and seeing them together makes it worthwhile. Now I am more determined than ever to get the …

Colourful Oil Paintings – playing with psychedelic colours and abstraction. Doodles

Here are a few photos of my work lately, some portraiture work, commissions and sketchbook work! All along the theme of psychedelic colours… I have started to understand colour better and as I usually do, I just in at the deep end playing with every colour. I’m starting to refine my palettes somewhat to enhance the richness of my paintings. Katy x

BOKO Art X Music – Exhibition – London

BOKO was a great night of music and art in a bustling area of East London. Well ran, the night was punctuated with live events throughout with artwork up by myself, The talented Jack Shaw (hard working musician and great abstract artist) and Helen Simmons, animated artist who had a great piece running throughout the night (video to be uploaded) Starting with Tom Bright playing acoustic guitar, he welcomed people with some beautiful music at the entrance, great fun to watch and listen! I then painted for an hour, then followed by BASSn8s who despite the heat put on a mesmerising performance in a small space. Great night!

Surrounded – Oil on Canvas Portraits

Surrounded. I love painting portraits, there is something very beautiful about skin tone and the way it changes in different lights, shadows, contours and perception. I like to throw in some abstract colours but in an elegant and calculated manner to grasp the nature of the face. Elegance, femininity and soft romanticism all attempting to be captures in some portraiture work.