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Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting – Iconic Women Collection

Marilyn Monroe was the first piece I started towards my Iconic Women Collection back in 2013 and has now been finished and signed, as the first of the collection to be completed. She has had her face tweaked constantly, and the natural progression of the piece has led to a movement of convecion with colour and texture resurfacing and changing dynamically until I found a balance that I loved. I am working on a certificate for this piece to explain why Marilyn Monroe is iconic, for what reason she was the starting point for my collection and why I felt the colours and composition was fitting to portray what I feel it does. These certificates will be available with each piece, where an in depth description features the progressional process of the piece and my own take on the meaning of her iconic status. Marilyn Monroe Oil on wood panel 24″x35.5″ inches Part of my Iconic Women Collection (£100 of the sale of each piece goes to Women’s Aid charity in support of Women’s Aid. …

Two editorials to end the year with and a BIG thank you!

Having work published in a magazine or editorial is such a huge achievement for me! I am so excited that as my first year as a professional artist, I managed to end it on a high of featuring in two magazines, one being overseas in America and the other a cover feature. Last October with my life at somewhat of a fork in the road I had got away from a situation and sat in a cafe with a pot of tea and a magazine. I saw women being celebrated for their fantastic work in so many different genres of art, fashion, politics, and business. What I noticed about these articles were that each of these women had faced a fork in the road, hit rock bottom or had been forced to consider a huge change in their life before they decided to make the change themselves. Although I was dead centre of a difficult situation, I felt so far away from it with the realisation that I was free to do what I enjoyed …

Iconic Women Oil Painting Collection – Getting there!

The collection of oil paintings I have been working on showing ten iconic women in colour and opulence, have lately been stepping into the light and starting to take form. It has taken a few months to make a good foundation on my collection, I have created the basic layers for each portrait, however whilst some are almost finished, others are still in their earliest stages. A few things I never knew to consider whilst creating a body of work that all related in style and form, is how much your work can improve/change within this time. This means that as I move onto the further pieces, I then find myself going back to the first few and making the edits to lace them all together. It hasnt been easy, however i have the first five close to finished (and now in storage so i can finish up the last five without being tempted with too many edits!) and seeing them together makes it worthwhile. Now I am more determined than ever to get the …

My feature in Cliche Magazine

I have been working really hard lately on my collection of Iconic Women oil paintings for my series in support of Women’s Aid charity. Meaning while being featured in American magazine Cliche. Here are some screen shots of the feature, and a link to the magazine website to take a read! You can read the article online here! Or to buy a copy.

Amy Winehouse Oil Painting – So Far!

My painting’s progression so far Whilst working on my series of paintings featuring iconic/influential women through history it occurred to me that when a person becomes iconic, it is not always for charitable or noble reasons… … ‘Well behaved women seldom make history’ For information on any of my paintings find me here.