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Inspiration behind my artwork and creative block.

For anyone working on anything remotely creative, it is fair to say that your style is not something you made up on the spot. An individuals’ signature style for art, writing, music, fashion or anything you ‘output’ is a collection of things you have liked, consciously and subconsciously throughout your entire life. It is an amalgamation of things you can do, things you would like to do, things that inspire you, things you like, practicality, your lifestyle, your preferences and your self image. What you create is as much a part of your output as what you wear that day. The stamp that you put on activities are what you desire to associate yourself with. I personally love all things elegant and opulent, words that run through my mind when I am considering a painting in terms of composition, subjects, colours and feel. I may have a certain idea in mind, but I know how I want to portray it under my name, and this is how people associate themselves with certain styles, to be seen …

New Work!

I have a lot of new work on the go! A series of elegant and detailed wildlife work with areas of serene calm. Here are a few examples of the backgrounds of these paintings (looking for a more dreamy and opulent style)              

Progress Pictures – Stag Oil Painting

Recently I have been working further on my wildlife pieces. After the great reaction to my ‘Galloping Horses’ piece I wanted to work more on an atmospheric element whilst integrating factors of the idea of ‘The Golden Ratio’ and detail and space in close proximity. I recorded my progress, as usual, with this particular stag piece of the 3 sessions I have done so far. This piece has taken into consideration my recently learned word ‘phosphenes’ (the sensation of a ring of light and colour as a result of pressure on the eyeball) to bring about an abstract colour palette with glints of light as embellished detailing, also depicting beams of light on a forest floor. It is always useful to look back over the progression process of a piece, it shows how far it has come along, as well as what has been added in terms of atmosphere and general aura, over just likeness and realistic correctness. As for the subject, stags have been close to my heart since finding my footing as an artist. Stags have …

Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting – Iconic Women Collection

Marilyn Monroe was the first piece I started towards my Iconic Women Collection back in 2013 and has now been finished and signed, as the first of the collection to be completed. She has had her face tweaked constantly, and the natural progression of the piece has led to a movement of convecion with colour and texture resurfacing and changing dynamically until I found a balance that I loved. I am working on a certificate for this piece to explain why Marilyn Monroe is iconic, for what reason she was the starting point for my collection and why I felt the colours and composition was fitting to portray what I feel it does. These certificates will be available with each piece, where an in depth description features the progressional process of the piece and my own take on the meaning of her iconic status. Marilyn Monroe Oil on wood panel 24″x35.5″ inches Part of my Iconic Women Collection (£100 of the sale of each piece goes to Women’s Aid charity in support of Women’s Aid. …

Iconic Women Oil Painting Collection – Getting there!

The collection of oil paintings I have been working on showing ten iconic women in colour and opulence, have lately been stepping into the light and starting to take form. It has taken a few months to make a good foundation on my collection, I have created the basic layers for each portrait, however whilst some are almost finished, others are still in their earliest stages. A few things I never knew to consider whilst creating a body of work that all related in style and form, is how much your work can improve/change within this time. This means that as I move onto the further pieces, I then find myself going back to the first few and making the edits to lace them all together. It hasnt been easy, however i have the first five close to finished (and now in storage so i can finish up the last five without being tempted with too many edits!) and seeing them together makes it worthwhile. Now I am more determined than ever to get the …

Koi Carp – Oil on Canvas

Koi Carp Oil on Canvas 24″x30″ inches (Commissioned) I absolutely love this finished piece of three koi carp. It wasn’t an easy one to complete, I started this painting with an idea of a light background. After attempting to get a flattering spectrum of colours within the water glistens the colour just did not pop enough. A black background was suggested which made a huge different immediately. The colours were brought together and more framed and flattered, in keeping with the elegance of the movement of the fish.  

Octopus sketch and oil painting.

A few doodles with pencil and paint! I have always wanted to paint and octopus so here are a few practices. I absolutely love marine life and have wanted to paint more eventually. In the same was that I love to paint wings on birds and the movement, the same admiration goes into the elegant and floaty movements of under water life. The colours and the motion make great subjects for art work!