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Inspiration behind my artwork and creative block.

For anyone working on anything remotely creative, it is fair to say that your style is not something you made up on the spot. An individuals’ signature style for art, writing, music, fashion or anything you ‘output’ is a collection of things you have liked, consciously and subconsciously throughout your entire life. It is an amalgamation of things you can do, things you would like to do, things that inspire you, things you like, practicality, your lifestyle, your preferences and your self image. What you create is as much a part of your output as what you wear that day. The stamp that you put on activities are what you desire to associate yourself with. I personally love all things elegant and opulent, words that run through my mind when I am considering a painting in terms of composition, subjects, colours and feel. I may have a certain idea in mind, but I know how I want to portray it under my name, and this is how people associate themselves with certain styles, to be seen a certain way, and to carry themselves a certain way. It is either a brief desire based on something you might have seen recently, or an ingrained, deep rooted sense of style.

If you are suffering any kind of creative block, I challenge you to go back to your basic likes and dislikes. Here is a list that I compiled, as basic as possible to help me realign with what I enjoy, at the moment or my deep rooted loves. It serves as a reminder of a few simple things that I could incorporate into my work.

Artists : Odilon Redon, Gustav Klimt, Marcella Casper

Colours : Viridian, cerulean, magenta, crimson alizarin, lamp black, and my absolute favourite, a dark forest emerald green.

Taste : Spicy sauces, tangy berries, LOTS of cheese.

Smells : Daisy by Mark Jacobs (currently wearing!) The sea, olive trees, food cooking.

Sounds : Birds tweeting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, waves.

Words : Plethora, opulence, ethereal

Style : Rococo, minimalistic, botanical

Wildlife : Peacocks, silverback gorillas, dainty birds, strong stags.

I would LOVE to see your lists, remember to comment below if they’re not too personal to you.

I find that creative block and inspiration are both hand-in-hand concepts, a lack of inspiration can cause the creative block, whereas a surge of inspiration can break through it. Looking at the things you love from the different list titles can merge together ideas for what you want your art to ‘ouze’ and it is already embedded in your personality and most things that you do. Take the time to draw them out every now and then, and reevaluate and realign.

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