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What makes an artist want to paint?

I paint subjects that I am fond of, things that I believe to be pretty, aesthetic or bold with an air and an attitude around it. But the process is the reason I do it and the reason my work turns out the way it does. The subject is everybody’s, but the process is mine. Im unsure of why or if this is natural and every artist feels this way, but when I start a painting, the image in my head is the painting half finished. I can see the construction, the heavy sections and the areas left untold. This is the picture I am striving for and ultimitely what I am trying to achieve. This in my eyes is a finished piece, the process is such an enjoyable, meditative activity for me that my strong sence of belief in half built up pieces of art urges me to find this balance. The balance I look for once I achieve my half finished piece is skeletal juxtoposed with opulence. An oxymornic blend of intricate detail and …

Surrounded – Oil on Canvas Portraits

Surrounded. I love painting portraits, there is something very beautiful about skin tone and the way it changes in different lights, shadows, contours and perception. I like to throw in some abstract colours but in an elegant and calculated manner to grasp the nature of the face. Elegance, femininity and soft romanticism all attempting to be captures in some portraiture work.  

Solo Exhibition Set Up.

Today was day one of my first solo exhibition. It’s been a lot if preparation and hard work but it was great to finally see my work installed in a fantastic gallery space like the Sam Scorer in Lincoln. The room size was daunting when I brought my work in, but it has proved to fit incredibly well and each painting complimented the next with very precise and thought out juxtaposition and curating. It was a long night and an early start today but day one was a success. It was amazing to speak to people interested in my work and there was a lot of chit chat with some very fascinating people. Excited for the next 2 week and if you find yourself in the Lincoln area please pop by, It’s been a pleasure already and I’m only one day in. Here are a few snippets of the day… Katy x

Newspaper article about my exhibition :)

Today a feature was run in my local newspaper The Lincolnshire Echo about my upcoming exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln (April 2nd-14th). I was very pleased to see my work there and suggested as a great visiting point over the two weeks it will be running. My work is a sophisticated blend of purposeful elegance with chaotic overtones, depicting wildlife art and varying subjects. I’m so excited for my work to be up for my first ever solo exhibition and I welcome you all to come see it for yourself 🙂 Pieces will be for sale, and I am hoping to have prints and postcards and other commemorative merchandise for my beloved paintings. Hope to see you there! Katy x

Oil Painting and Texture.

2013 has so far been my year of experimenting with oil paints. Oil paints and myself are still very much getting to know one another. I was strictly a mixed media girl before 2013, I did not limit myself to one medium, I wanted to achieve as many effects, textures and styles within one painting as I could and mixed media is great for that. Only I was not as clued up on oils as I thought, and only from using them have I opened a lot of doors in terms of styles, application, techniques and effects. I have now fallen madly in love with oil paints and although I will always use different materials for different pieces, oils paints have become another limb for me and my work. My first worry was the stodginess.. I was dubious to hand over my painting ideas to a cakey finish, only this has been avoided in some cases with the use of white spirit. This thins down the oil paints and can give a great fluidity to …