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Second Collection of Original Oil Paintings with Wishbone Publishing / Katy Jade Dobson


I have been working recently on my second collection with Wishbone Publishing, a collection that I am incredibly   excited about. It has been a lot of fun to work on and showcases a lot of what I have learnt in the last few years as a professional artist. But above that I have injected mainly what I enjoy within this collection, the learning curve is palpable in the application and I love that it is raw and exposed in these original oil paintings.

My work as always is selfishly about my process, my work thrives when my heart is fully engaged and I do not stop until the atmosphere is intimate and blatant. The success of my last collection was immensely unexpected and I am incredibly grateful to anyone who has supported my work over the last couple of years as I have found my feet. What I took from working solely on a full body of work is that your headspace during this period of creating can be temporary and down to circumstance. The kind of music you listen to at the time of painting, the weather, your personal stance,  everything combines and drips into the work and sometimes is something that cannot be revisited. In the same way a scent can jog your memory, my collections of work take me back to a different moment in time. Alternatively, without realising you might revisit this headspace as a reflex.

This next collection will be available as original oil paintings of various sizes, original hand drawn sketches and limited edition prints, and I am so excited to show you!!! Expect rich and contrasting textures, colour in abundance and a shift in composition and styles.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming exhibitions in 2015 (there are quite a few…) and to stay up to date with my progress follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for regular updates!

To inquire about my work, send an email to


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