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‘Action Expresses Priorities’

    ‘Action expresses priorities.’ -Gandhi   On a busy week, I can clock up around 70 hours painting. Especially recently, with so many commissions as well as ideas I just can’t for the life of me hold off, I have to timetable my work and stick to it, and it pays off every time. I do this because I love painting, I am passionate about making good quality work. I am also business savvy and love organisation, lists and generally being busy. Proudly, one thing I never, ever am is bored. A friend of mine sent me an article, there was a long passage written by Richard Dawkins called, ‘To live at all is miracle enough’ (which I urge you to google) which puts into perspective greatly just how miraculous the universe is, how even just existing right now through such slim circumstance is such an underrated and unappreciated idea in itself. A bit of perspective never hurt anyone, those chats where you get lost in conversations of space going back too far beyond measure and …


Lately… Here are a few images of whats been going on lately! In between setting up my new place, working on commissioned work, original work, and as much wildlife work as possible for a new gallery taking on my work; I have had to fit in meetings and general life. Its been hectic. The Eden pieces are starting to come along well, the detailing has been building and starting to take form with intricate marks thrown in. I have been working just on the Eve piece mainly, establishing the embellishments and look of the pieces, and will start to add detail to the Adam piece to bring them both together. Eden started off blonde, then went brunette, then turned vibrant red. It seemed to suit her so much more!     This hummingbird piece will be available in The Little Red Gallery in the Bailgate in Lincoln very soon! It is currently being framed and I am very excited to see it complete and on the walls. For commission enquiries you are welcome to contact …

The artist in black and white.

This is me, Katy Jade Dobson. Thank you so much to people who have followed this website, I hope you are enjoying my art work as much as I enjoy creating it! I have so many more ideas to put into action and I can’t wait for you to see! Please be sure to jump to my Facebook Page for all of my daily updates. I am also using twitter (poorly! But I’m trying…) and a personal favourite of mine, Instagram (username katyjadedobson) Hope to see you there!  

My first ever solo exhibition has now ended!

My exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery is now finished!! After getting through 6 tubes of titanium white, 21 canvases, planning my subjects, funding, 2 newspaper features, painting with music and many cups of tea, installing, curating and invigilating by myself.. I can proudly say that my first ever solo exhibition went smoothly and was was very much enjoyed. I met some very fascinating/interesting/weird/lovely people and had wonderful feedback for my work. That mixed with sales and my good friend Alex’s gorgeous jewellery (photos to follow) made it a very fun two weeks 🙂 Thank you very much to everyone who came and were so supportive and lovely. Photos will follow

Gorilla Painting: The Making of… In pictures and video

  As silverback gorilla’s are my favorite animal I was more than challenged in being commissioned to paint one. In every aspect from their presence and expressions, I love all of the attributes of a gorilla, including the way they move. As I am so fond, I could not imagine not trying to involve as much of the traits I love about them into the painting itself. My starting point for this piece was documented in a video which shows the progression of the gorilla’s face from scratch (with a bit of Biffy Clyro…) WATCH HERE on my youtube channel.   It is images from here on out, different sizes, angles, styles to fully show the work the progression of the painting. Hope your enjoy!           , Katy x Commissions –