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Two editorials to end the year with and a BIG thank you!

Having work published in a magazine or editorial is such a huge achievement for me! I am so excited that as my first year as a professional artist, I managed to end it on a high of featuring in two magazines, one being overseas in America and the other a cover feature. Last October with my life at somewhat of a fork in the road I had got away from a situation and sat in a cafe with a pot of tea and a magazine. I saw women being celebrated for their fantastic work in so many different genres of art, fashion, politics, and business. What I noticed about these articles were that each of these women had faced a fork in the road, hit rock bottom or had been forced to consider a huge change in their life before they decided to make the change themselves. Although I was dead centre of a difficult situation, I felt so far away from it with the realisation that I was free to do what I enjoyed …

Newspaper article about my exhibition :)

Today a feature was run in my local newspaper The Lincolnshire Echo about my upcoming exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln (April 2nd-14th). I was very pleased to see my work there and suggested as a great visiting point over the two weeks it will be running. My work is a sophisticated blend of purposeful elegance with chaotic overtones, depicting wildlife art and varying subjects. I’m so excited for my work to be up for my first ever solo exhibition and I welcome you all to come see it for yourself 🙂 Pieces will be for sale, and I am hoping to have prints and postcards and other commemorative merchandise for my beloved paintings. Hope to see you there! Katy x