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Oil Painting and Texture.

2013 has so far been my year of experimenting with oil paints. Oil paints and myself are still very much getting to know one another. I was strictly a mixed media girl before 2013, I did not limit myself to one medium, I wanted to achieve as many effects, textures and styles within one painting as I could and mixed media is great for that. Only I was not as clued up on oils as I thought, and only from using them have I opened a lot of doors in terms of styles, application, techniques and effects. I have now fallen madly in love with oil paints and although I will always use different materials for different pieces, oils paints have become another limb for me and my work. My first worry was the stodginess.. I was dubious to hand over my painting ideas to a cakey finish, only this has been avoided in some cases with the use of white spirit. This thins down the oil paints and can give a great fluidity to …

The person behind the paintings.

I follow so many kinds of blogs, from other art blogs, to fashion, cooking, health, gossip, news, and personal blogs. The kind that capture my heart are always the personal blogs. They keep me returning to hear how someones life develops, how their projects have panned out and this makes me see the connection between them and the work they are doing. I look out for their next update and I think it is a wonderful thing that people can share their life and what they love to do, with others who feel the same. I have recently fully set up my own personal website that serves as an online portfolio for my paintings. But the community I have noticed on wordpress is a friendly and responsive one that has already helped me better my paintings and gain new subjects to work with. Interaction with people on the same level and enjoying the same things is what keeps me posting and updating. For this reason, I want my posts to be rich in substance for …

Stag in a Forest

As part of my plan to make up for my neglegance of this website I need to update my own artwork with that of 2012. After taking part in 3 Artist Markets on Steep Hill in Lincoln, I have done plenty more pieces, some fast small images and some large scale paintings. I have been creating work via commissions, made to order, and by request. These will all be uploaded to the ‘my work’ section.