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Reflecting on 2013 so far!

Iv been working really hard lately towards my recent collection of oil paintings depicting iconic or influential women. It’s a lot of fun having a specific project to work on, doing the research, some sketchbook work and documenting the development of my findings and the paintings as they start to come together! There are so many ideas that I have for future collections stemming from great concepts. My progression from mixed media pieces to oil work has surpassed my own expectations, I am looking at my own paintings in disbelief which is such and amazing feeling! Unfortunately with this I am growing increasingly fond of each piece and feel rather sad when they leave me! The support I have had since I started working properly in oils and documenting my work through social media has been unbelievable and its been great to hear so much feedback and have so many people following my work through Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Seeing people’s messages is very inspiring and encouraging and the beauty of the Internet is that …

Octopus sketch and oil painting.

A few doodles with pencil and paint! I have always wanted to paint and octopus so here are a few practices. I absolutely love marine life and have wanted to paint more eventually. In the same was that I love to paint wings on birds and the movement, the same admiration goes into the elegant and floaty movements of under water life. The colours and the motion make great subjects for art work!  

What makes an artist want to paint?

I paint subjects that I am fond of, things that I believe to be pretty, aesthetic or bold with an air and an attitude around it. But the process is the reason I do it and the reason my work turns out the way it does. The subject is everybody’s, but the process is mine. Im unsure of why or if this is natural and every artist feels this way, but when I start a painting, the image in my head is the painting half finished. I can see the construction, the heavy sections and the areas left untold. This is the picture I am striving for and ultimitely what I am trying to achieve. This in my eyes is a finished piece, the process is such an enjoyable, meditative activity for me that my strong sence of belief in half built up pieces of art urges me to find this balance. The balance I look for once I achieve my half finished piece is skeletal juxtoposed with opulence. An oxymornic blend of intricate detail and …

My first ever solo exhibition has now ended!

My exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery is now finished!! After getting through 6 tubes of titanium white, 21 canvases, planning my subjects, funding, 2 newspaper features, painting with music and many cups of tea, installing, curating and invigilating by myself.. I can proudly say that my first ever solo exhibition went smoothly and was was very much enjoyed. I met some very fascinating/interesting/weird/lovely people and had wonderful feedback for my work. That mixed with sales and my good friend Alex’s gorgeous jewellery (photos to follow) made it a very fun two weeks 🙂 Thank you very much to everyone who came and were so supportive and lovely. Photos will follow

Stag Oil Painting in Royal Blue Hues

  Parallel to overseeing my exhibition (still running for one more week) I have been working on commissioned projects including this royal blue stag painting. When being asked specifically to work in one colour I automatically thought this was a slight restriction that could potentially suppress a lot of the natural character that could be captured in a wildlife painting. However I decided to take it on without reservations and find other ways to inject character. The palette I was asked to used was ‘royal blue’ which in itself could well portray the pride of a stag. I decided however to minimise the use of royal blue and begin by building darker and lighter tones of this blue until I had the basic stag. The royal blue I then added as a highlight. minimal with the idea of brightening, suggesting and ultimately setting the tone of the piece itself. I am still working on this piece and I cannot wait to see it finished, it is a personal favorite of mine and a challenge in following the guidelines.  

Solo Exhibition Set Up.

Today was day one of my first solo exhibition. It’s been a lot if preparation and hard work but it was great to finally see my work installed in a fantastic gallery space like the Sam Scorer in Lincoln. The room size was daunting when I brought my work in, but it has proved to fit incredibly well and each painting complimented the next with very precise and thought out juxtaposition and curating. It was a long night and an early start today but day one was a success. It was amazing to speak to people interested in my work and there was a lot of chit chat with some very fascinating people. Excited for the next 2 week and if you find yourself in the Lincoln area please pop by, It’s been a pleasure already and I’m only one day in. Here are a few snippets of the day… Katy x


I am very excited to soon be exhibiting a few bits of work at the Angel Coffee House in Lincoln. I have quite a lot of ideas that I have been wanting to start working on, therefore I will be making entirely new creations especially. I will be exhibiting alongside Lee Griffin, who does fantastic pieces on canvas involving intricate illustration. Here is his facebook page 🙂 Updates to follow 🙂