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Reflecting on 2013 so far!


Iv been working really hard lately towards my recent collection of oil paintings depicting iconic or influential women. It’s a lot of fun having a specific project to work on, doing the research, some sketchbook work and documenting the development of my findings and the paintings as they start to come together! There are so many ideas that I have for future collections stemming from great concepts.

My progression from mixed media pieces to oil work has surpassed my own expectations, I am looking at my own paintings in disbelief which is such and amazing feeling! Unfortunately with this I am growing increasingly fond of each piece and feel rather sad when they leave me!

The support I have had since I started working properly in oils and documenting my work through social media has been unbelievable and its been great to hear so much feedback and have so many people following my work through Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Seeing people’s messages is very inspiring and encouraging and the beauty of the Internet is that everyone can be connected in something that they love!

If you’re an artist in any way then contact me and tell me what you’re doing and why 🙂 I absolutely love to here from people and open a dialogue on what makes everyone create what they do!

Katy x

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