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What makes an artist want to paint?

I paint subjects that I am fond of, things that I believe to be pretty, aesthetic or bold with an air and an attitude around it. But the process is the reason I do it and the reason my work turns out the way it does.

The subject is everybody’s, but the process is mine.

Im unsure of why or if this is natural and every artist feels this way, but when I start a painting, the image in my head is the painting half finished. I can see the construction, the heavy sections and the areas left untold. This is the picture I am striving for and ultimitely what I am trying to achieve. This in my eyes is a finished piece, the process is such an enjoyable, meditative activity for me that my strong sence of belief in half built up pieces of art urges me to find this balance. The balance I look for once I achieve my half finished piece is skeletal juxtoposed with opulence. An oxymornic blend of intricate detail and purposeful yet simple “scaffolding”.

The heavyweight and abundant application of oil paint creates a density, however the fragile lines that show the bare minimum are what builds the piece. From the most basic of marks is where the strength really is.

It is with this mind set that I create my paintings. I am always looking for the balance.


I would also love to hear from you! Weigh in on what makes you pick up a paintbrush and about your process!

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