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Book! A collection of collections – Katy Jade Dobson

I have a book!


For over two years this has been in the works. I knew very specifically how I wanted this book to look and feel. It was going to house years of artwork after all.

The title Phosphenes comes from the name for the sensation of spots of colours and light that you see when you rub your eyes. A phenomena of seeing without light entering the eye. A title that inspired an earlier collection, and a word I find truly beautiful.

At a huge 224 pages, simple hardback cover design with coloured hot foil pressed lettering emblazoned on the front and spine, aesthetically making this book a perfect coffee table book. Inside, the content design (by Ash Dowie) is sleek and minimal to offer more attention for the intricate and boldly colourful works that my signature style focuses on. It is separated into chapters and subchapters to collate my varying subject groups and styles as well as focuses on materials and colours also. I have introduced each chapter with my thoughts and feelings of my work for over 5 years. It was important to me to fulfil the wants of collectors around the world as well as anyone new to my work, the thoughtful design and navigation hopefully lends to this!

As with everything that comes from my studio, this is a labour of love, something dreamed about and brought into fruition with so much handwork and personal touches throughout. Having a book showcasing my artwork is a dream come true, and being able to hold it after 2 years of work has been such a career highlight.

The standard hardback book is priced at £49.99, all shipping and returns information is noted on the website linked. There is also a limited edition boxed book of 295 editions that come with a limited edition print inside the box alongside the book and a certificate, these are priced at £149.99 and are available from galleries noted on my website.

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