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Eye Like Gallery / Exhibition


Last weekend I had the privilege of exhibiting my work with the wonderful Eye Like Gallery in Beaconsfield. With a gallery full of my work exclusively, a mixture of limited edition prints and originals painted especially for the occasion adorned the walls in this beautiful space.

KatyJadeDobson(a) copy

The family run gallery  (the glamorous mother daughter duo Mollie and Saro above, along with Mollie’s father and their dog Brody) care deeply for their clients and the artwork they provide, basing the name ‘Eye Like’ on the way they only sell work that they love themselves.

I was excited so attend this exhibition in the weeks leading towards it as I had admired Mollie’s innovative and witty take on their social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and was keen to meet in person the passionate people behind the 2 year old gallery. I found that they exuberate passion and I couldn’t have felt more welcome. I found this family to be  a breath of fresh air in such a traditional field. The care and work they put in is blatant in the amount of happy clients that I had the pleasure to meet.

The gallery itself looked phenomenal, with a red carpet entrance, wristbands with my name on, plenty of drinks flowing and a wonderful crowd of people.

Thank you very much to Eye Like for hosting a lovely evening and doing a fantastic job of curating my work on your walls and putting together such a lovely weekend. And a huge thank you to anyone who came along and said hello, it was lovely to meet each person and talk  at length one on one.

Below are images mostly taken by the wonderful Victoria Pearson Photography  who got some great images of the event. (Victoria Pearson’s website, Instagram, Facebook)

KatyJadeDobson-2 copy-2KatyJadeDobson-3 copyKatyJadeDobson-11 copyKatyJadeDobson-12 copyKatyJadeDobson-28 copyKatyJadeDobson-34 copyKatyJadeDobson-45 copyKatyJadeDobson-46 copyKatyJadeDobson-53 copyKatyJadeDobson-65 copyKatyJadeDobson-66 copyKatyJadeDobson-71 copyKatyJadeDobson-72 copyKatyJadeDobson-96 copyIMG_4031IMG_4035IMG_4082IMG_4088IMG_4102KatyJadeDobson-5 copy


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  1. priyatailor says

    Absolutely amazing work. Very inspiring and fantastic use of colour… I definitely will be following you on social media. Regards Priya Tailor

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