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First Collection with Wishbone Publishing released tomorrow!

I am incredibly excited that tomorrow my first collection with Wishbone Publishing is released!

I have worked incredibly hard on the pieces that will be available as a set of originals, and limited edition prints. Some originals have already sold with the Cloud Gallery at Buy Art Fair in Manchester where I had a couple of pieces up for a first look.

The paintings are all oil on wood panel where I have worked hard to focus on attentional to detail juxtaposed with negative space, embellishments and an abundance of kaleidoscopic colours! It is a collection where my love for wildlife meets my traditional draftsman practice, and my obsession with opulent jewel toned colour bursts.

I have mentioned numerous times how difficult it has been to not post updates on the progress of my paintings, for the past 12 months I have posted every development I had recorded of my work, and whilst creating some of my best work yet I had not shown as much as a close up of a  piece in this collection. Which makes it all the more exciting for the release tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for updates tomorrow with links to affiliated galleries and to see the collection in full!



  1. Meranda says

    Your work is beautiful! I really wish I were able to hang one of your pieces up in my home!

  2. Astounding work. I look forward to seeing it. I was just in Manchester in Mid-August. I would have checked this out had I known. All the success and blessings to you.

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