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‘Flutter’ Limited Edition Prints

A common question that I am asked is the distinction between ‘finishing or abandoning’ a painting (in terms of completing work) and which one applies to me?  There are two very different feelings when a painting is complete and is at most an unpredictable part of the process for me. Occasionally my idea is crystal clear enough to see when the finished version is in sight, or be unable to stop until I meet this mark in my mind. This is finishing the work that you set out with a cause, process and visual in mind. Abandoning the painting is a very different but equally as satisfying feeling, in when you reach a stage in the work where you feel it is right to stop. For whatever reason, it may be that the balance is right and anything more could be overworking it. Maybe you feel that what you are trying to put across has been successful and in going further could potentially spoil that. A number of reasons, even just that it ‘feels’ right to …

View my first collection with Wishbone Publishing here!!!

The Spectrum Collection in full! My first collection with Wishbone Publishing is now available to view, with a handful of originals selling before the release and now the availability of a selection of limited editions. 10% of the sales from this collection will be donated to the Born Free charity, I am incredibly proud to have Born Free endorse this collection and to be included on the Certificates of Authenticity received on purchase. If you have enjoyed my previous work then hopefully the Spectrum Collection will appeal to you with a chromatic explosion of my favourite jewel toned colours to embellish a variety of wildlife species, all regal, proud and spectacular in their own rights. My collection is a celebration of the beauty and abundance in nature and a practice of my painting style that is both intricate and loose, serene and chaotic. Also an emalgimation of traditional draft work oil painting, with abstract colour use and impasto tendancies. I hope you enjoy them! Enquire with Wishbone Publishing or Eyeball Gallery about the availability and …

First Collection with Wishbone Publishing released tomorrow!

I am incredibly excited that tomorrow my first collection with Wishbone Publishing is released! I have worked incredibly hard on the pieces that will be available as a set of originals, and limited edition prints. Some originals have already sold with the Cloud Gallery at Buy Art Fair in Manchester where I had a couple of pieces up for a first look. The paintings are all oil on wood panel where I have worked hard to focus on attentional to detail juxtaposed with negative space, embellishments and an abundance of kaleidoscopic colours! It is a collection where my love for wildlife meets my traditional draftsman practice, and my obsession with opulent jewel toned colour bursts. I have mentioned numerous times how difficult it has been to not post updates on the progress of my paintings, for the past 12 months I have posted every development I had recorded of my work, and whilst creating some of my best work yet I had not shown as much as a close up of a  piece in this collection. …

Colourful Oil Paintings – playing with psychedelic colours and abstraction. Doodles

Here are a few photos of my work lately, some portraiture work, commissions and sketchbook work! All along the theme of psychedelic colours… I have started to understand colour better and as I usually do, I just in at the deep end playing with every colour. I’m starting to refine my palettes somewhat to enhance the richness of my paintings. Katy x

Octopus sketch and oil painting.

A few doodles with pencil and paint! I have always wanted to paint and octopus so here are a few practices. I absolutely love marine life and have wanted to paint more eventually. In the same was that I love to paint wings on birds and the movement, the same admiration goes into the elegant and floaty movements of under water life. The colours and the motion make great subjects for art work!