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First Collection with Wishbone Publishing released tomorrow!

I am incredibly excited that tomorrow my first collection with Wishbone Publishing is released! I have worked incredibly hard on the pieces that will be available as a set of originals, and limited edition prints. Some originals have already sold with the Cloud Gallery at Buy Art Fair in Manchester where I had a couple of pieces up for a first look. The paintings are all oil on wood panel where I have worked hard to focus on attentional to detail juxtaposed with negative space, embellishments and an abundance of kaleidoscopic colours! It is a collection where my love for wildlife meets my traditional draftsman practice, and my obsession with opulent jewel toned colour bursts. I have mentioned numerous times how difficult it has been to not post updates on the progress of my paintings, for the past 12 months I have posted every development I had recorded of my work, and whilst creating some of my best work yet I had not shown as much as a close up of a  piece in this collection. …

HUGE Peacock Oil Painting – The Last Sessions…

SO CLOSE! But still a lot of fine details to go! This was a particularly fun session to have rounded the painting off with, involving music and stuffing my face with mini eggs. Black and white shows the detail well so I will save the full colour for the finished piece. For anyone looking to paint at a large scale be prepared for a lot of clambering around.                 Look out for the next post which will show the final, finished piece!  

The artist in black and white.

This is me, Katy Jade Dobson. Thank you so much to people who have followed this website, I hope you are enjoying my art work as much as I enjoy creating it! I have so many more ideas to put into action and I can’t wait for you to see! Please be sure to jump to my Facebook Page for all of my daily updates. I am also using twitter (poorly! But I’m trying…) and a personal favourite of mine, Instagram (username katyjadedobson) Hope to see you there!  

What makes an artist want to paint?

I paint subjects that I am fond of, things that I believe to be pretty, aesthetic or bold with an air and an attitude around it. But the process is the reason I do it and the reason my work turns out the way it does. The subject is everybody’s, but the process is mine. Im unsure of why or if this is natural and every artist feels this way, but when I start a painting, the image in my head is the painting half finished. I can see the construction, the heavy sections and the areas left untold. This is the picture I am striving for and ultimitely what I am trying to achieve. This in my eyes is a finished piece, the process is such an enjoyable, meditative activity for me that my strong sence of belief in half built up pieces of art urges me to find this balance. The balance I look for once I achieve my half finished piece is skeletal juxtoposed with opulence. An oxymornic blend of intricate detail and …

Gorilla Painting: The Making of… In pictures and video

  As silverback gorilla’s are my favorite animal I was more than challenged in being commissioned to paint one. In every aspect from their presence and expressions, I love all of the attributes of a gorilla, including the way they move. As I am so fond, I could not imagine not trying to involve as much of the traits I love about them into the painting itself. My starting point for this piece was documented in a video which shows the progression of the gorilla’s face from scratch (with a bit of Biffy Clyro…) WATCH HERE on my youtube channel.   It is images from here on out, different sizes, angles, styles to fully show the work the progression of the painting. Hope your enjoy!           , Katy x Commissions –  

Gorilla -Finished!

So proud to have finished my commissioned gorilla piece and I am so excited to show it to you. Keep a lookout for a post very soon with a video, images and a description of the making of my painting 🙂 I now have share buttons (below) for Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Can’t believe I hadn’t done it already! 🙂 Technology just flies over my head sometimes! Katy x