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The Garden of Eden – Adam & Eve – A set of two oil paintings

For my birthday I once received a box of chocolates; They were Thornton’s Eden Collection and were one of the most decadent concepts I had ever known.  

The label read ‘Divinely Sinful’ with a golden fig leaf and the packaging was more than enticing. The chocolates inside read names like Passion, Seduction, Desire, Lust, Original Sin, Temptation and Obsession.

I knew at some point, when I had become enough of a seasoned artist, that I would be able to portray a Garden of Eden concept painting with justice. I decided to finally take this project on the other day in order to decorate my new bedroom with a piece just for myself (something I have never done before) as a personal colossal challenge. I do not meet challenges on a small scale.

The piece is made of two canvases, both 40×50″ inches, each holding the figure of Adam and Eve individually.

I took on this project not because I regard myself as a seasoned enough artist to now start it, but because I am learning new things about painting constantly, when will I know when I am ‘good’ enough? My recent Iconic Women series has brought about ways of embellishing detail and abstraction which I intend to apply to this piece, as well as my judgement with the colour palette. Using my memory of the chocolates and the decadently engaging words and concepts behind Eden, I will work from judgement and see how it goes!

Lets see how this one comes along!



Katy x

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