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Artist’s Space

A lot of things you overlook and make do, until you then have it and you realise the importance. I realised that the space to be able to step back and look at your paintings/artwork from a slight distance is of colossal importance to the work.

Moving is hard! I wanted to keep my art materials out until the very last minute so that I could alternate between packing and working.. But it never works this way. In the end I had to pack my things up and reside myself to time to adjust. I think I must have developed a nervous twitch, or painting withdrawal symptoms. There are countless benefits to the new area I can work in, but the most bountiful points are the light and the space to step back.

Composition and arrangement within my paintings has been something of an ongoing thought recently, following a painting that just did not sit quite right with me. I love to mix intricate detailing with large brush strokes, texture and expanses of blended calm. But how can you know how well this works if you don’t think to look from a distance? I work so hard on my paintings that I am pressed to close against them constantly, correcting areas and forever looking closer. It did not, however, occur to me until I was finally given the space to step back that this is this is the real way to look at work. The way everyone else will see it.

Of course up close detail is important, it gives more depth for people to feast on when looking closer. But composition and arrangement is one of those factors that I realise now cannot be ignored or played by ear. Fascinatingly, whilst these thoughts were prominent to me recently, an article on the Golden Ratio was brought to my attention. Another way to consider composition (a post about the Golden Ratio coming soon…) and something that has been at the for-front of my mind when starting new pieces from then on, by a kind of divine hand of intervention.

It seems the further you get into learning a skill, the more points to consider open up to you. I personally love a challenge.


Katy x

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