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First Collection with Wishbone Publishing released tomorrow!

I am incredibly excited that tomorrow my first collection with Wishbone Publishing is released! I have worked incredibly hard on the pieces that will be available as a set of originals, and limited edition prints. Some originals have already sold with the Cloud Gallery at Buy Art Fair in Manchester where I had a couple of pieces up for a first look. The paintings are all oil on wood panel where I have worked hard to focus on attentional to detail juxtaposed with negative space, embellishments and an abundance of kaleidoscopic colours! It is a collection where my love for wildlife meets my traditional draftsman practice, and my obsession with opulent jewel toned colour bursts. I have mentioned numerous times how difficult it has been to not post updates on the progress of my paintings, for the past 12 months I have posted every development I had recorded of my work, and whilst creating some of my best work yet I had not shown as much as a close up of a  piece in this collection. …

Two editorials to end the year with and a BIG thank you!

Having work published in a magazine or editorial is such a huge achievement for me! I am so excited that as my first year as a professional artist, I managed to end it on a high of featuring in two magazines, one being overseas in America and the other a cover feature. Last October with my life at somewhat of a fork in the road I had got away from a situation and sat in a cafe with a pot of tea and a magazine. I saw women being celebrated for their fantastic work in so many different genres of art, fashion, politics, and business. What I noticed about these articles were that each of these women had faced a fork in the road, hit rock bottom or had been forced to consider a huge change in their life before they decided to make the change themselves. Although I was dead centre of a difficult situation, I felt so far away from it with the realisation that I was free to do what I enjoyed …

My feature in Cliche Magazine

I have been working really hard lately on my collection of Iconic Women oil paintings for my series in support of Women’s Aid charity. Meaning while being featured in American magazine Cliche. Here are some screen shots of the feature, and a link to the magazine website to take a read! You can read the article online here! Or to buy a copy.

BOKO Art X Music – Exhibition – London

BOKO was a great night of music and art in a bustling area of East London. Well ran, the night was punctuated with live events throughout with artwork up by myself, The talented Jack Shaw (hard working musician and great abstract artist) and Helen Simmons, animated artist who had a great piece running throughout the night (video to be uploaded) Starting with Tom Bright playing acoustic guitar, he welcomed people with some beautiful music at the entrance, great fun to watch and listen! I then painted for an hour, then followed by BASSn8s who despite the heat put on a mesmerising performance in a small space. Great night!

Art and Music event

Art has always been something I have been OK at. My drawings have always had structure and likeness and my interpretations fairly correct. Mainly art has always been a fun activity for me, almost like meditating when I painting I enter a zone of tranquility and awareness of now. Likewise, music has always been a passion of mine. Again it alters the space around you, your awareness and sense of presence. It triggers, alters, reminds, engages and it captures something that can vary between anyone. My painting process would not be the same without music. It combines two loves and makes an enjoyable activity into a beautiful one. My paintings would not be the same either, whatever music you chose I truly believe alters your rhythm, attitude, ideas, tempo, pace, texture and general aura around the process. Because of this connection between my painting and music I am especially excited to be involved in the event BOKO: ART X MUSIC on August 1st in East London. ‘BOKO Music and THE VISUAL COLLECTIVE have teamed up …

My first ever solo exhibition has now ended!

My exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery is now finished!! After getting through 6 tubes of titanium white, 21 canvases, planning my subjects, funding, 2 newspaper features, painting with music and many cups of tea, installing, curating and invigilating by myself.. I can proudly say that my first ever solo exhibition went smoothly and was was very much enjoyed. I met some very fascinating/interesting/weird/lovely people and had wonderful feedback for my work. That mixed with sales and my good friend Alex’s gorgeous jewellery (photos to follow) made it a very fun two weeks 🙂 Thank you very much to everyone who came and were so supportive and lovely. Photos will follow

Solo Exhibition Set Up.

Today was day one of my first solo exhibition. It’s been a lot if preparation and hard work but it was great to finally see my work installed in a fantastic gallery space like the Sam Scorer in Lincoln. The room size was daunting when I brought my work in, but it has proved to fit incredibly well and each painting complimented the next with very precise and thought out juxtaposition and curating. It was a long night and an early start today but day one was a success. It was amazing to speak to people interested in my work and there was a lot of chit chat with some very fascinating people. Excited for the next 2 week and if you find yourself in the Lincoln area please pop by, It’s been a pleasure already and I’m only one day in. Here are a few snippets of the day… Katy x