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Art and Music event

Art has always been something I have been OK at. My drawings have always had structure and likeness and my interpretations fairly correct. Mainly art has always been a fun activity for me, almost like meditating when I painting I enter a zone of tranquility and awareness of now.

Likewise, music has always been a passion of mine. Again it alters the space around you, your awareness and sense of presence. It triggers, alters, reminds, engages and it captures something that can vary between anyone.

My painting process would not be the same without music. It combines two loves and makes an enjoyable activity into a beautiful one. My paintings would not be the same either, whatever music you chose I truly believe alters your rhythm, attitude, ideas, tempo, pace, texture and general aura around the process.

Because of this connection between my painting and music I am especially excited to be involved in the event BOKO: ART X MUSIC on August 1st in East London.


‘BOKO Music and THE VISUAL COLLECTIVE have teamed up to bring you a brand new exhibition ‘Art X Music’. The exhibition will explore the inspirational relationships between art and music, how both inspire each other and exploring the perception of performance.

For one night Art, Music and Film will all intertwine down in East Londons art gallery district. In keeping with the first Thursday of every month the whole area will be crawling with artists and fashion designers and BOKO will be at the centre of that this month.

Entry is free – BYOB – Bring friends.

Exhibiting Works:
Katy Jade Dobson: Live painting to music until 9.30pm
Jack Shaw: Lyriconnect
Helen Simmons: Animated Short
Luke Moseley
Tom Bright

Artworks for sale on the night.

Live music:
BASSN8 experience (9.30pm onwards)

Tom Bright (acoustic)’

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