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2020 Announcement!

If you’ve been following my work all this time (and it has been a while now since I started this blog) and you have kept up to do date recently on my artwork, then you may have noticed a bit of a change.

After 5 great years with Wishbone Publishing I will be changing direction and working and trading as an independent artist. This has been a couple of months in the works in order to keep the transition as smooth as possible! Joining Wishbone was life changing for me and my work, I had hustled and grafted for almost 2 years before reaching out to Wishbone for representation, and the way they managed my work for the next few years was life altering. Alongside this fantastic opportunity they became family. Jack began working there around the same time that I signed, and he is now one of my best friends and stuck with me for life. (Sorry Jack.)

As 2019 began to draw to a close I knew that a change was in order and it was time for a new chapter. It is a new decade after all! No matter how terrifying, it was a decision that felt right. When I first began working professionally as an artist I was 23, living in an unsettled house-share after a turbulent period, just a few years after finishing University. My mental health was not great, but on the back burner due to knowing so little about it! I had a deep conviction that I was going to turn my life around. This was 2013. By the time I signed with Wishbone I was in need of a bit of help, I had pushed my career single handedly for years and was tired. Out of nowhere, I had logistics and more taken care of by a great team who gave me full artistic freedom, took chances on me when I had new ideas, and looked after me on a personal level. They were more than just a professional partnership, but helped to guide me through some very formative years.

Fast forward 7 years and I am now 30 and a mother. It seemed the right time to make this move, as both my art and myself have grown and evolved! I have a lot in mind that I want to achieve, create and communicate. I spoke recently in a post on social media into stepping into fear. I have done this multiple times, I regret it initially each time for sure, but I wholeheartedly believe that true growth happens not by staying in the very tempting and easy comfort zone, but through the discomfort of new experiences. Creatively, for myself at least, pushing my boundaries is essential! This is how I have scaled as an artist. This is how I have taught myself new techniques that all add up to the work I am able to create now as opposed to what I could do when I first started. It is easy to understand that this great change happens through discomfort, but to place yourself there is hard.

But I have done it. Let’s see what happens.

For the galleries who currently work with me, please feel free to contact me at / 07414537234

For now, with any enquiries about my work, sales and who to contact for a particular piece, where to go and what to do, contact me directly at


Katy x


  1. Lynda says

    I’ve been following you and collecting your beautiful work for a few years now and it’s been fantastic to see your work and creativity evolve and move in different directions. Wishing you luck, success and happiness in this new chapter of your life.

  2. I have been following your blog from the very beginning. I love your paintings and the way you presenting you and your work in social media. I wish you all the best, kind regards Thomas

  3. Richard chuck says

    You’re right to have a constantly evolving path, I can only hope for success on your scale but I battle on regardless of my outcome. I continue to follow your posts…

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