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2017 / Katy Jade Dobson

It is always exciting for me to reflect not only back on the previous year, but to look forwards at the opportunities and challenges and watching them become real. 

Currently I am working on a new collection.

Much like early last year, I am working hard on a full set of oil paintings that are interlinked, their concept is laced throughout the collection and their visuals are woven together. Working on a full set together is a piece of time that eventually reflects directly into a real, tangible ‘thing.’ I have often talked about pockets of time being mirrored in a painting, but a collection evokes both a memory of a period of time, or a feeling of de ja vu. This particular collection is exciting for me, and always, is an effort to push forward with my craft, honing, building on, and learning new skills.

As well as an impending new collection, I have other very exciting things going on this year, which I will certainly be notifying anyone interested, though this website, my Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

Please keep an eye out for the amazing things happening this year!

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  1. Neil Williams says

    Your paintings are beautiful,so thank you for showing them,and I don’t want to appear tight but are there any plans for a cheaper range of prints in the £50-£100 range, otherwise my kids will have to eat beans on toast for a couple of months while I save up

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