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Exhibiting at Robertson Fine Art Gallery

In the heart of Edinburgh, in the wonderful Robertson Fine Art Gallery I had the privilege of exhibiting my new collection of oil paintings. I had been working on this group of paintings throughout early 2016 and became quickly engrossed in the collection as a whole. I tailed off into new sections, irrelevant subjects that still laced in throughout the main body of work and played around with more muted palettes and ideas alongside hugely embellished subjects . To see more of The 21 Grams Collection, see the work and read about its origin – click here.

I was incredibly nervous to be showing this work. It had been months of dedication, hoping to put my best foot forward to prove to myself that I can challenge my own techniques and build on what I already know about painting to create the marks and flourishes that I needed. I taught myself new approaches through trial and error and got lost in a concept of building continuously until I had reached the desired effect. So much so, that when it came to handing over the paintings and subsequently showing them at the launch event I felt very open to the elements. I realised that my hard work and effort was now open to be judged. Having enjoyed the process so much, the collection to me was a success and had served its personal purpose, however the response has since been overwhelming.

Following me with his camera was the incredibly talented Joshua Adams who put together a video to showcase the launch event, whilst interviewing me about The 21 Grams Collection.


Thank you to Robertson Fine Art for a beautifully curated and well put together show, and thank you to everyone who came along and said hello!

Wishbone Fine Art allowed me the time and space to put this collection together with complete blind faith, a wonderful trait which acts to nourish their artists and encourage the creative flow. The hardest working team and amazing people to work with!

For any information on any originals or prints, please find the gallery affiliates page on my website here – or contact

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  1. Sidney Feliu says

    There is so much soul in your work! You continue to inspire me with your choice of colors and movement on canvas. I absolutely admire every stroke. ❤️

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