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Exhibiting at Smart Gallery – Redbrick

In September I made my way to Smart Gallery in Leeds where they were showing a few originals, some new and unveiled on the day, and exclusive new limited edition prints.

It is always a lot of fun to meet you all at these shows and get to speak to you one on one about my work and this one was no exception. It was great to see so many people and get a chance to speak to most of you about the prints and originals that you had bought. I then got to be nosey and ask where in your home you might hang them, what other artist’s you collect, why you like my work etc. Thanks a lot for coming and having a chat! It was lovely to meet you!

The gallery was beautifully curated by the talented staff who made the event run smoothly and a lot of fun. I highly recommend Smart Gallery as an official stockist of my work, they have a beautiful gallery as home to other artists who I admire very much, with a large variety of artwork available. (I managed to have a look around myself!)

Head to their website and contact them for info on any work you see in the images!

Below are some photographs of the event and a few of the wonderful people I met who had their prints and paintings signed on the back.

Katy Signing 2

Joanne Jay-2

James O'Shaughnessy

David & Katty BaileyJames O'Shaughnessy 2

Emily Woodhead

Colin White

Jane Pell-2

Georgina Dickinson

Pavi Agrawal

Marie Hall


  1. jasmineterri says

    Such beautiful work.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but, how do you sell artwork (as in the ‘process of selling your pieces’- if this makes sense)? I would some day hope to sell my own work but wouldn’t know how to go about doing it.


  2. Again, only in color this time, I like the jellyfish. But, the koi/goldfish and swans are also nice. You captured the queen’s face well. I am just not sure I am crazy about the constant use of rainbow colors in every piece. You’d make cool event T-shirts with that effect, though.

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