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‘Life Imitates Art’

In the age old debate of what came first; the chicken or the egg, I find myself deep in a philosophical tangent inspired by a late night online shopping purchase. I bought a necklace that gives the impression of an elegant snake coiled around the neck. Unappealing to some, beautiful and ethereal to me. This internal debate reminded me of a quote from Oscar Wilde – ‘Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.’

My exact reason for clicking my purchase straight over to the checkout was because it reminded me of a painting I did in my last collection (The Phosphenes Collection) which depicted a bizarre image of two symmetrical women holding up snakes, which are coiled deliberately around their arms within the confines of the symmetrical intension. (Original piece shown below / ‘Serpens’ oil on wood panel)


This is one of my stranger pieces, this and ‘Nectar of the Gods’ which I also hold an unhealthy emotional clingyness to even after sold and gone. The reason behind loving these stranger pieces is the idea of using wildlife as symbolism, instead of a standalone subject. (To which I also LOVE to paint to emphasise their magnificent natures in their own right) But I also think people take different inspirations from varying imagery. Dream interpretations would say that the presence of snakes in your subconscious shows an underlying threat. Something to be wary of. A ‘snake in the grass.’ Ancient symbolism would boast meanings of good and evil, fertility or poison, vindictiveness or guardianship.

To me the imagery of snakes has always been an almost opulent experience as it suggests to me The Garden of Eden which provokes thoughts of lush, bountiful gardens. (A subject I already touched upon over a year ago as a personal project to decorate my bedroom, which of course features a coiled snake…)


Have my  fashion choices been inspired by my own artwork? Or was my artwork inspired by what I had already taken a likening to? Where does the circle begin and end or are we in a perpetual state humming with the imagery, ideas and inspiration of the the things we love in life?

I don’t know, inspiration is a fascinating thing as it propels most actions that we take. The inspiration to exercise, to create, to want to tidy the house or earn money. All things we act on come from a place of inspiration behind the action. But thats another philosophical tangent…



  1. Ines says

    One of my favorite quotes is “The key is to integrate our art into our life, not the other way around”. Even if we get inspiration from around us to create, I guess it’s more liberating to let our creations inspire our life 🙂 It’s probably something that could be discussed for hours and in the end we would still not be sure! Eheh

  2. nicsearth says

    I wrote a similar post on this same subject a few weeks ago. It fascinates me to see what inspires artists to paint what they do. For me, I’m passionate about animals so they have always featured in my art, whether wild, farmed or companion. More and more now I’m also inspired by the beautiful and dramatic skies where I live having moved to the wilds of Scotland a couple of years ago and in the last year vibrant colour has come to the fore in my work which is reflected in my choice of home decor! I think we’ll always be influenced by our own personal interests as art has to come from the soul so there will naturally be reflections of out art in our lives and vice versa.

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