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Mixed media, jumbled mess

After finally getting re-equipped with some basic art materials as a result of my post-moving clear out, I have begun the sketch for my first large scale painting in quite a long time. I am not expecting to bang out any masterpieces, just merely blow away the cobwebs.  Inspiration: mixed media, jumbled mess. Subject however, completely random…

I always find myself not trying to enhance the piece but trying to follow the guidelines for the composition that I set out in my head. For some reason unknown to me, I know where I want a dark patch, and I know where I want to express delicacy.. I seem to know this and apply this without considering fully what exactly I am trying to paint/draw. This makes for frustrating work.

A few hours down the line and I have myself a foundation for my piece.

I am now stopping for the night! I have ideas for improvement. (Whether to tone it down or make it bolder however I don’t yet know!) If I were to carry on for another hour I would get lost. But hopefully soon I should have a sale worthy piece on my hands…

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