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Cy Twombly

I am hugely saddened to hear about the death of a man whose work formed the backbone of my  inspiration throughout my university studies. Inspired by his conceptual core ideas, right through to his physical approach to creating his art work, Cy Twombly was by far a prominant and important figure in the development of modern art, paving the way through to abstract expressionism. Twombly set himself apart from a movement that was heading in an entirely different direction, and embraced this in every form.

Challenging the audiance to find their own meaning within the marks created by one singular person is something that I integrated within my work, as handmade marks cannot but express the maker, it is to be hoped that the onlooker can make out something of their own. Involving the viewer rather than being just observed has fascinated me endlessly. Especially when the piece is to be seen, without physically integrating with.

Twombly’s work will be celebrated and will continue to do so as his pieces and their concepts will only mature well as art movements progress onwards.

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