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Original Painting Auction to Raise Funds for WIRES

I have a piece named ‘SOS’ up for auction on eBayin aid of WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service)¬†which is currently in crisis due to the bushfires raging through Australia. WIRES actively rehbailitate and preserve Australian wildlife, and will be inundated and working tirelessly at this time. 23 people have lost their lives, 12 million acres of land has been devastated, large scale evacuations are taking place, and half a billion wildlife has perished. They fear that the worst is still to come. In many rural areas, volunteers are working with little resources, risking their lives and health to keep the fires at bay and keep people safe. Teams are working to help slow moving wildlife and get them to safety, treating burns and wounds and caring for them when they have nowhere to escape. The original painting is based on a well loved piece named Glory which celebrates the bountiful abundance of out beautiful natural world. The gold leaf droplets symbolise the nourishment that nature gifts us. This abstract and surrealist piece …

Artist’s Palette / CRY Auction

My palette was auctioned last week for the amazing charity CRY and sold for £1025! I am so happy and incredibly proud that it will contribute to such a great cause! A link is HERE for my last post where I go into more detail about this charity and about the palette donated. For more information on CRY and what they do follow the link HERE to their website, or to donate towards their cause click HERE. Thank you so much to anyone who bid!!