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‘Jaws’ – Shark Painting

I am very excited that my original painting ‘Jaws’ is being made into a limited edition print, with editions of 75. It is a privilege that this piece is endorsed by The Shark Trust, a wonderful charity. The misunderstood nature of sharks means that their demise as a species is hugely overlooked. Their importance within the marine ecosystem is of such huge importance to the health of our oceans. There are many threats to sharks that can have adverse knock on affects. The global decline of sharks can create a cascading effect. As one of the ocean’s top predators, sharks have potential to structure ecosystems in crucial ways. Decline can mean rearrangement of marine communities. One of the biggest threats to sharks globally is overfishing.  This is fuelled by a large demand for shark products such as meat and fins, cartilage, leather, teeth and jaws. Other threats include finning (the cruel practice of cutting off a shark’s fins whilst alive. Also, pollution and habitat destruction contribute to the hugely declining numbers. Climate change and pollution …

Artist’s Palette / CRY Auction

My palette was auctioned last week for the amazing charity CRY and sold for £1025! I am so happy and incredibly proud that it will contribute to such a great cause! A link is HERE for my last post where I go into more detail about this charity and about the palette donated. For more information on CRY and what they do follow the link HERE to their website, or to donate towards their cause click HERE. Thank you so much to anyone who bid!!