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Lincoln Cathedral Oil Painting

Lincoln Cathedral Oil on Board 20″x24″ inches   I have enjoyed working on more architectural and structured work, alongside my wildlife and abstract art. I am always willing to try new techniques, approaches and appliqués. I hope to try out more landscape work soon!  

Architectural Art

I have lived the best part of the last 3 years with students studying architecture. What I learnt by the time these people graduated was very much different to what I had envisioned upon our first meeting. In this field, creativity does hold boundaries. There are practicalities, formalities and imbedded occurances that cannot be escaped. This does not make the field any less creative, but makes for art that can be and will be used. The idea of space, human interaction and flow within this space is intensely fascinating and often overlooked. Discourse involving the ‘charactor’ of housing is thought to be down to the location,  interior design and decor or interior architecture, but not often seen as possibly the general architecture of the building. The energy and the vibe that the space between two walls, calculated for either practical boundary reasons, or purposefully mapped out can generate this vibe that we can relate to and feel comfortable in. Pete Jellitsch     The hand drawn images by architect Peter Jellitsch above are based on wind behavior. …