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Architectural Art

I have lived the best part of the last 3 years with students studying architecture. What I learnt by the time these people graduated was very much different to what I had envisioned upon our first meeting.

In this field, creativity does hold boundaries. There are practicalities, formalities and imbedded occurances that cannot be escaped. This does not make the field any less creative, but makes for art that can be and will be used.

The idea of space, human interaction and flow within this space is intensely fascinating and often overlooked. Discourse involving the ‘charactor’ of housing is thought to be down to the location,  interior design and decor or interior architecture, but not often seen as possibly the general architecture of the building. The energy and the vibe that the space between two walls, calculated for either practical boundary reasons, or purposefully mapped out can generate this vibe that we can relate to and feel comfortable in.

Pete Jellitsch





The hand drawn images by architect Peter Jellitsch above are based on wind behavior. The diagrams inspired me today to consider the art of architecture because the concept is not only about the physical walls being designed and built, but the air being contained between them. The science behind all of this then results in fantastic abstract drawings which are essentially art. Not that I have ever disputed architecture to be anything other then art, in one of its most purposeful, powerful and life enhancing forms.

A lot can be said for the art of Feng Shui. It is not nonsensical to understand that the composition of the contents of a room can interfere or enhance the way that the room effects you, the same said for designing a building. Windows, doors, ceiling height and appropriate placement can make a building of any size ‘work.’ Placements can correct an almost Fung Shui-like disorientation and immediately harmonize the space within.

Alongside this, there was a lack of hand drawn architectural sketches as to what I had anticipated. I am vaguely aware of programs such as CAD which prohibit the need to hand draw, and also overwrite it, as for its useful accuracy and fast efficiency. However this encouraged me to look at some hand drawn architectural sketches for their arty aspects.


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