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A bit of a thank you…

Recently I have been posting less often and not showing any current works of mine, I am currently working towards a fantastic opportunity that I have been hunting down for a while now, waiting and holding back for the right time and offer.

This makes it more exciting for me to show you the work I have been doing when I can! And hopefully it won’t be long before I can clue you in on what is going on.

Now is a great time to thank you (whoever is reading this, commenting, liking, following my Facebook, instagram and Twitter accounts, emailing and messaging me about my artworks.) It has been hugely appreciated right from the start when I began posting my paintings and the process along the way. Your encouragement served as inspiration to paint more and more.



  1. Ian Bouzane says

    Your welcomed 😊 thank you for making beautiful art and for your videos 😁

    Sent from my HTC

  2. I will miss seeing your posts. Honestly. But possibly a congrats for a better opportunity! All the best!

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