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King Fishers Oil Painting

A recent painting of mine, two king fishers, one male and one female. 🙂

In terms of artistic flair, movement, texture and observation I am most proud of this piece. As part of my lovely British Wildlife series I am exciting to have this painting up for sale.

Created with oil paints,

32″x40″ inches

Let me know what you think of it!



for sale at www.katyjadedobson.com



Katy x




  1. I love the way the colors of the birds interact with the background colors. How did you treat the paper beforehand ?

    • Hi thanks a lot that’s nice of you to say. I do a lot of carefully calculated strokes within the subjects but I try to add spontanoious movement (a kind of quality you can never recreate) so I just see what happens, no prior prep 🙂

  2. Yeah, I can tell there’s a dynamic balance of planned strokes and spontaneous strokes. I like that. I rarely plan much in my work, so I respect someone who can come up with a balance.

    I was asking about the paper color, though. That’s what I meant by “background color”. How you chose this color, etc. As I am writing this, it just occurred to me that perhaps this is actually white paper, and this was taken with an iPhone, and the white balance was off, so it seems blue and purple, but in fact it is not. Hummm..

    • Ahh I see, you were right. I don’t have a decent camera and don’t mind so much if the background is off, I only really concentrate on the subject and leave the rest as negative space. Hopefully when I have a better camera in the near future I can rectify this

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  3. Yeah, I can relate to that. But I wouldn’t worry about it. The subject should speak for itself, and it does. I didn’t have a decent camera for a long time, and was using a non-phone iPhone someone gave me. I found its aesthetic interesting, however. Such as photographing this drawing…
    I think it added to the ephemeral nature of the drawing.

    Anyway, wonderful work. Take care.

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